UK Business List

UK Business List  

A file of every business site in the UK.  1.40 million addresses containing single site businesses or multi business premises who share a common address.

The Royal Mail produce a Business & Residential address list of 28 million UK addresses - every address in the UK on a single file!  We've extracted the Business Addresses from this list and offer a reduced annual licence fee.  Basically you're ordering the UK business address list for half the normal fee. 

Royal Mail's UK Business List

A UK business list including every commercially available business address that exists on Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF).  That's circa one million sites that businesses operate from which span the UK.  The UK business list excludes company type, telephone number however it does provide a very strong and very cost effective solution for analysis, door drop, distribution and direct marketing.

It's also worth pointing out that Royal Mail's PAF is the only complete source of all known UK addresses & Postcodes.


PAF data is essential to ensure that addresses are clean and accurate for mailing purposes. The benefits of clean addresses are:

  • Reduce postage costs through Mailsort, Presstream and Cleanmail
  • Reduce the amount of undelivered mail
  • Preservation of brand image
  • Improved accuracy of customer and prospect analysis
  • Door Drop Planning
  • Distribution Analysis
  • Mailings
  • Address Validation & Correction


  • Organisation Name
  • Building Name / Building Number
  • Street
  • Locality
  • Post town
  • Postcode
  • Grid Reference (optional)

Grid references can be appended to the PAF data for the appropriate licence fee or licenced separately for mapping and GIS applications.


The UK business list is supplied in a Comma Separated Variable Text format but can be supplied as either tab delimited or as an Access database or other data format. A link to the company list will be sent to you when you complete your order.


The UK business list is licenced to you for the year.  Various options are available including single, corporate, multi user and internet licences. 


All of the records we supply will have come straight from the latest Royal Mail Postcode Address File, and will be updated throughout the licence period every 3 months; that is a new UK business list file will be sent to you every 3 months whilst you remain in licence.

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