List of New Start-Up Businesses

UK Business List  

The very latest list of new Start-Up Businesses that can be used for direct marketing including Sales & Marketing.  Prior to supply, the list of new Start-Up Businesses will be screened against the very latest Mailing & Telephone preference files as well as our own 'do not contact' file.

The list of new Start-Up Businesses contain every business start-up / first time in business record.  The trigger point for entering the file and becoming available to you for telephone / mail contact is when its telephone line is installed by one of the UK 192 licenced telecom operators. 

The only other entry point is when the business contacts YELL or Thomson for the first time to place a free / paid ad.  Once one of these triggers takes place the company receives a call and is telephoned interviewed by one of 192 UK operators.  As soon as the New Business start up has been qualified the data is released for use on the second weekend of each calendar month.  We can go back six years, if you want this then please brief us using the buttons at the bottom of this page.

When ordering, you'll receive the latest month (30 days of new start ups / first time in business) by default, otherwise let us know if you need us to go back any further, e.g. the last 12 months New Start Ups / First time in business records.


  • New Businesses Need Stationer, business cards
  • New Businesses Need Desks and furniture
  • New Businesses Need Printers, Computers, Phones...
  • New Businesses Need Gas, Electricity
  • New Businesses Need Premises
  • New Businesses Need Staff
  • New Businesses Need...............


  • Contact Name*
  • Business Name
  • Full Postal Address
  • Telephone Number*

* most senior collected for site is a free field.  85% of our records have a senior contact name but we cannot guarantee this so we provide the contact name without charge. Telephone numbers are provided where available (normally 95% completion).


All of the records we supply will have been telephone verified to confirm the details we release to you.  This ensures the information is current and that the list of new Start-Up Businesses are trading.


The mailing address and record will have been verified prior to release.  The address will also have been checked against the Royal Mail's very latest Postal Address File.


The data will be released in a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) format so that it opens in Excel, Word and many other software applications.  If you prefer the data can be sent in an alternate format (let us know once you've ordered and we will do our best to supply in the format you need free of charge).  The list of new Start-Up Businesses can be downloaded from our site or emailed just a few moments after ordering


Rather than take the entire list of list of new Start-Up Businesses (there are on average 8,000 new start ups during the summer months and around 3,000 during the winter months) you can select by a specific area such as a Postcode or County.  In addition you can request certain employee sizes or turnovers.  There are an additional 250 or so fields to use when refining the list you require.

Don't worry, if you don't have the time or can't see what you need then let our team do the work for you - for FREE.  We have thousands of other business types and list sources and over 40 years experience so why not simply tell us what you're looking for?

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