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Counties of England

Counties of England

The very latest list of Counties of England that can be used as a reference to the geographic boundary's of the UK.  The list contains 86 traditional or ceremonial county names and 200 administrative county names. Traditional or Ceremonial counties is a collective name which can be applied to areas to which are appointed a Lord Lieutenant. Originally established in Anglo-Saxon times and named counties by the Normans, these counties are used in daily conversation to refer to a locations - particularly when relating to birthplace. The list of Administrative counties is the current county structure in place for the administration of local government and includes Unitary Authorities where established. These 'counties' are not referred to in general conversation and therefore we include both sets of names as a general reference tool.

FREEIn addition to the free list of Counties of England available here, we also offer a range of other lists and products which may help with any analysis and reference regarding to counties you may be undertaking.

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