Crime Stats by Postcode

Police Force Postcode Boundaries  

The Office for National Statistics provides the latest crime statistics from the Crime Survey for England, Wales and Northern Ireland and police recorded crime.  This data is updated every three months.  The crime data can be downloaded free of charge.  At the time of writing the link to the free data source is here.   Important: this free data consists of Grid Reference Coordinates which isn't a user friendly format as there are no postcodes linked to the crime stats!

If you would like our version of the file (which features a postcode in addition to a grid reference) then please purchase the file below.  This fee covers our hands on time taken to convert the file to include postcodes and ensures you receive quarterly updates throughout the year.

When you licence the file through InfoLogic you receive the initial crime data file along with complete file refreshers every 3 months to ensure that the postcodes remain valid throughout the year.  Your initial purchase will cover the cost of the updates.


  • Postcode Sector (CR2 6)
  • Total Crimes
  • Anti Social Behavior Crimes
  • Bicycle Thefts
  • Burglary
  • Criminal Damage and Arson
  • Drugs
  • Other Crimes
  • Other Thefts
  • Possession of Weapons
  • Public Order
  • Robbery
  • Shoplifting
  • Theft from Person
  • Vehicle Crime
  • Violence and Sexual Offences


England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Supply Format

The data is supplied as a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) delimited text file using double quotes by default.  The data can also be supplied in Excel format (XLXS).  This field format will open using almost any software application able to read text files including but not limited to Excel, Word, Notepad, Access, SQL etc. 


The data is by default emailed at the time of order using a secure download link delivery method.  If you require the data supplied in another format then we will be more than happy to accommodate you where reasonable to do so at no extra cost.


The crime stats data is licensed annually for each user that has access to it.  The licence expires after 12 months use and must be renewed once the 12 months has expired.  The licence covers the postcodes supplied.  The data contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and Royal Mail data © Royal Mail copyright.


The file is updated every three months and free updates will be made available to you so long as your licence remains current.

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