Planning Applications

Planning Applications  

A highly specialist mailing list of UK Planning Applications.  The list provides contact details for people making new planning applications with their local authority.

Very new to the market, this list is compiled by professional researchers using the very latest residential and commercial applications for every UK authority.  The planning permission mailing lists can be used to offer specific services as the lists are categorised for you, this allows easy identification of the type of planning application.  The lists are supplied as a set fee for each planning authority rather than a pence per mailing record. 

Want to do it yourself? It's cheaper!  Really......?

The planning applications lists are very cost effective considering the time you would need to spend developing your own list.  It could take you hours, days, weeks to compile a list of your own and then you need to copy type and correct all the spellings to ensure your organisation looks professional.  Allow us to take care of all of this for a single set fee per area! 

Using planning permission lists for marketing starts from as little as £85 per month (based on an annual service) per planning district!!!

Planning News reports every fresh building related planning application submitted to every planning office in your area directly to you - twice every month.

Applicants for planning permission provide a rich source of leads for virtually any product or service provider seeking property owners with disposable income.

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For more information on how planning application lists for marketing can generate more customers for your services, simply use our brief us form (above menu).

Buy Residential Planning Application Lists

Over 400,000 planning applications are submitted for domestic / residential planning application lists and home improvements every year. Of these over 95% of applicants are successful, going on to spend between £5,000 and £500,000+ on their properties. Research shows that a vast majority of property owners select their contractors and suppliers whilst awaiting planning permission.

Planning Permission Mailing Lists is probably the most successful and most cost effective marketing tool available to the building industry today. Simply start using planning decision lists for marketing by mail merging your letters and make contact with planning applicants in order to offer them your services before planning permission is granted and spending begins.  Come on, use logic, why spend hours of your own time to develop your own list when you can buy residential planning application lists that are ready made, guaranteed up to date?

Ordering Planning News

Planning New leads are available on an annual subscription for your chosen local authority area(s) for as little as £85 per month (based on an annual service) - a fraction of the cost of more traditional lead generation activities with the benefit of being far more targeted!  Using planning decision lists for marketing just makes more sense, no?

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