Developers Postcode Address List

Postcode Address File  

We've created the Developers Postcode Address List to help web site designers and programmers create Internet and Transaction based solutions.

The process is simple.   Rather than pay upwards from £6,000 for an internet based licence, you can instead work on a pay as you go basis.  The basic steps are explained like so:

(1) For a small flat fee you'll receive a set of Comma Separated Variable (CSV) files containing every address in the UK, 28 million business & residential addresses, as well as a set of Royalty Credits to get you started.   The flat Developers Licence fee is a one off payment, payable once at the start of you contract and doesn't need to be paid again.

(2) You build your web based solution which works with the address files supplied. 

(3) For every address selected by your end user we will deduct a royalty or credit.  You'll need to top up your credits before you exhaust the 8,000 credits initially issued to you.   The entire system is "honor based" in that each month we trust you to notify us of the credits you used in the month past and the month ahead (an estimate).  When we get your statement we'll issue an invoice for the credits you've used in the month just past. 

(4) Every three months we provide you with an updated version of the file you licenced so that it stays current.

(5) In the years that follow we will bill you up front for 8,000 credits.  This is the minimum that we will need to charge if you wish to continue using the data.

(6) Either party may cancel the agreement at any time during the licence period. 

(7) Applications of the data provided under this developer licence should be limited to address verification services.

PAF Applications

The Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF), is often used to capture, create and or maintain your in-house address lists pre mailing.  This includes web site registrations, forms and customer databases to reduce the number of returned or undelivered items from mailing programs.  Obviously there are many more applications that you can use the PAF file for including mailing, planning leaflet distribution, logistics, navigation to name just a few!

PAF file Benefits

  • Clean addresses
  • Cheaper source as a mailing file
  • Reduce postage costs through Mailsort, Presstream and Cleanmail
  • Reduce the amount of undelivered mail
  • Preservation of brand image


  • Organisation Name
  • Department Name
  • PO Box
  • Building / House Name
  • Sub Building Name
  • Building Number
  • Thoroughfare
  • Street Name
  • Double Dependent Locality
  • Dependent Locality
  • Post Town
  • Postcode
  • Postcode Type
  • DPS
  • SU Organisation Flag (blank if residential)


The Postcode Address File covers every known address in the UK.  A sample of the PAF can be found by following the link at the top of this page, this will also provide you with the data fields that are provided for each record.

Supply Format

The PAF file is supplied as a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) delimited text file using double quotes by default. This field format will open very easily using almost any software application including but not limited to Excel, Word, Notepad, Access, SQL etc.  Due to the size of the file, older versions of Excel may not be an option as Excel limits any file size to around 65,000 rows / records.


The Postcode Address File (PAF) is by default emailed at the time of order using a secure download link delivery method.  If you require the PAF supplied in another format then we will be more than happy to accommodate you where humanly reasonable to do so at no extra cost.

Licensing, Credits & Fees

This is a Developer licence.  One initial developers fee will be applied then a minimum charge equal to 8,000 credits (£160) per annum on each anniversary (including the initial supply / order date) thereafter.  Please note that the initial Developer Licence fee includes an allotment of 8,000 credits which are valid for the first 12 months. 


At the end of each calendar month (the last working day), you will need to provide a written report to us declaring how many credits you have used in the month just past. 

Minimum Order & Termination

There is a minimum charge each year for the use of the data provided under this developer licence.  We will charge 8,000 credits (£160) at the start of each year.   Credits cannot be carried over to the following year.  If you do not use up your minimum credit you will forfeit these credits and a new minimum charge will be applied on the anniversary date (12 month rolling licence from initial licence date).  This will continue until you provide us written notice that you wish to terminate your licence.  Upon termination you must remove any and all address data provided under licence to you, this includes any and all copies that refer or rely on any part of the data. We will also need a final balance / statement from you showing credits used.


The Postcode Address List is the most up-to-date and complete address database available.   For your licence fee you will receive the very latest file which will be valid for 12 months use and this includes quarterly updates to ensure it stays up to date.  This will continue until you notify us that you no longer need the file.

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