Kingston KT Postcode Map

Kingston KT Postcode Map

Exclusive offer: This plastic coated / encapsulated KT Postcode Map can be ordered at a discount (no delivery charge) if ordered with the address data for the same area, or on its own at normal rate card.  Your A0 postcode map will be with you in approximately 5 working days from point of delivery, whilst the is made available immediately.

Select from Postcode Map Options One or Two:

Kingston KT Postcode ListConsider adding an Kingston KT Postcode List - ideal for mailings, door drops, tracking sales, plotting customers, logistics, finding customers and planning areas.


Postcode Map Applications

Our customers use the postcode maps in conjunction with the data for:

  • Marking Sales Areas
  • Plotting Customers
  • Planning Delivery Routes
  • Marking Partner Networks / Distributors

Features & Benefits of Postcode Maps

  • Shows Postcode Areas, Districts and Sectors
  • Ordnance Survey Map Base
  • Plastic Coated - marker pen / wipe off
  • Hang from Flip Chart / Wall
  • Longer Life due to encapsulation process (paper in clear plastic coating)
  • Can be rolled and stored in hard card tube (supplied)


Data / Lists are emailed immediately after payment, Maps are sent via Recorded Delivery and can take 3 to 5 working days to reach you; Customised Maps 5-10 working days from the confirmation of the preview we send you prior to printing; that said, we aim to deliver the custom postcode map within 5 working days whenever possible.


Option ONE - The Standard KT Postcode Map £39.99

MSM21 KT Postcode Map Large

Dimensions & Materials - Standard KT Postcode Map

  • Scale: 1 in 50,000
  • Width: 119 cm
  • Height: 84 cm
  • Format: A0
  • Thickness: circa. 1.5mm
  • Material: Printed paper, encapsulated between two sheets (front & rear) of clear plastic

Coverage - Standard KT Postcode Map

This standard postcode map covers Bromley, Croydon, Dartford, East London, Harrow, Ilford, Kingston, North London, North West London, South East London, Swindon, Twickenham, Uxbridge, Watford, West London, East City of London, and West City of London.

Postcode Areas: BR, CM, CR, DA, E, EC, EN, HA, IG, KT, N, NW, RM, SE, SL, SM, SW, TN, TW, UB, W, WC, WD

Map Detail - Standard KT Postcode Map

MSM21 KT Postcode Map DetailThis is the level of detail you'll see when your map arrives (approximately 1:1 extract from the fully sized A0 map to give you an indication of detail).  If you want more detail (even right down to street level for a very specific set of postcodes) then you'll need to consider the Customised map - Option Two below).

Select from Postcode Map Options One or Two:

Kingston KT Postcode ListConsider adding an Kingston KT Postcode List - ideal for mailings, door drops, tracking sales, plotting customers, logistics, finding customers and planning areas.


Option TWO - Customised KT Postcode Map £123.99

Unlike the general KT Postcode Map in Option One, this customised map just covers KT postcodes and looks like the map image below but sized at A0 (Height: 84 cm X Width: 119 cm) as per the dimensions below:

Customised KT Postcode Map Large

Dimensions & Materials - Custom KT Postcode Map

The above map - blown up to A0 Size (84 cm X 119 cm):  Exact Dimensions will be emailed and agreed with you via email (along with a preview) prior to printing the map.  The map above has the following dimensions.

  • Scale: Approximately 1 in 28,000 (TBC prior to supply)
  • Width: 119 cm
  • Height: 84 cm
  • Format: A0
  • Thickness: circa. 1.5mm
  • Material: Printed paper, encapsulated between two sheets (front & rear) of clear plastic

Coverage - Custom KT Postcode Map

Addlestone Bourneside,   Addlestone North,   Ashtead Common,   Ashtead Park,   Ashtead Village,   Auriol,   Berrylands,   Bookham North,   Bookham South,   Box Hill and Headley,   Brockham, Betchworth and Buckland,   Byfleet,   Canbury,   Cheam,   Chertsey Meads,   Chertsey South and Row Town,   Chertsey St Ann's,   Chessington North and Hook,   Chessington South,   Claygate,   Cobham and Downside,   Cobham Fairmile,   Coombe Vale,   Cuddington,   Effingham,   Elmbridge,   Epsom and Ewell,   Esher,   Ewell,   Ewell Court,   Fetcham East,   Fetcham West,   Grove,   Ham, Petersham and Richmond Riverside,   Hampton Wick,   Hersham North,   Hersham South,   Hinchley Wood,   Kingston upon Thames,   Leatherhead North,   Leatherhead South,   Long Ditton,   Mickleham, Westhumble and Pixham,   Mole Valley,   Molesey East,   Molesey North,   Molesey South,   New Haw,   Nonsuch,   Norbiton,   Nork,   Oatlands Park,   Old Malden,   Oxshott and Stoke D'Abernon,   Raynes Park,   Richmond upon Thames,   Ruxley,   Shepperton Town,   Spelthorne,   St George's Hill,   Stamford,   Surbiton Hill,   Tadworth and Walton,   Tattenhams,   Teddington,   Thames Ditton,   Thorpe,   Tolworth and Hook Rise,   Tudor,   Walton Ambleside,   Walton Central,   Walton North,   Walton South,   West Barnes,   West Ewell,   Weston Green,   Weybridge North,   Weybridge South,   Woodcote,   Woodham,   Worcester Park,  KT1 1,   KT1 2,   KT1 3,   KT1 4,   KT1 9,   KT10 0,   KT10 1,   KT10 8,   KT10 9,   KT11 1,   KT11 2,   KT11 3,   KT11 9,   KT12 1,   KT12 2,   KT12 3,   KT12 4,   KT12 5,   KT12 9,   KT13 0,   KT13 3,   KT13 8,   KT13 9,   KT14 6,   KT14 7,   KT14 9,   KT15 1,   KT15 2,   KT15 3,   KT15 9,   KT16 0,   KT16 6,   KT16 8,   KT16 9,   KT17 1,   KT17 2,   KT17 3,   KT17 4,   KT17 6,   KT17 9,   KT18 5,   KT18 6,   KT18 7,   KT19 0,   KT19 7,   KT19 8,   KT19 9,   KT2 2,   KT2 5,   KT2 6,   KT2 7,   KT20 5,   KT20 6,   KT20 7,   KT20 9,   KT21 1,   KT21 2,   KT21 9,   KT22 0,   KT22 2,   KT22 7,   KT22 8,   KT22 9,   KT23 3,   KT23 4,   KT24 5,   KT24 6,   KT24 7,   KT24 9,   KT3 3,   KT3 4,   KT3 5,   KT3 6,   KT3 9,   KT4 7,   KT4 8,   KT4 9,   KT5 8,   KT5 9,   KT6 4,   KT6 5,   KT6 6,   KT6 7,   KT7 0,   KT8 0,   KT8 1,   KT8 2,   KT8 8,   KT8 9,   KT9 1,   KT9 2,   KT9 9. 

Detail - Customised KT Postcode Map

Of course your map will be unique to your needs.  As Kingston is, relatively speaking, a small geographic area, the level of detail across the map will include street level and as such will resemble the following detail across the entire map for all of the Postcode Sectors. 


Why Customise?

First off - look at the Map Scale - Considerably more detail on the map! To explain more, the general postcode map (Option One) allows us to keep costs down.  Simply, we've divided the UK into 45 map areas.  This makes it possible to mass produce and print postcode maps so that we can keep costs for the standard postcode maps to a minimum.  With 124 Postcode Areas in the UK and 45 maps you can see that there can be several postcode areas sharing a single postcode map, and not every postcode area is fully represented on the map, i.e. postcode edges can be excluded as they don't fully fit into one of the 45 predefined map areas.. 

Customised Postcode Maps are just that, you order the map and we contact you to agree what level of detail you would like to see on your map.  Street names can be an option in a majority of cases.  The customised map option allows us to zoom into the area you need and produce a postcode map based on that one postcode.  As you can appreciate, the shape of each postcode boundary area widely differs, therefore we can't guarantee the scale of the map nor how much of the neighbouring  postcodes will be visible.  We will send you a PREVIEW and agree that preview with you prior to printing your map.  Feel free to back out and we will send you a refund for the map if we can't get it just right prior to printing. Every customer is unique and every postcode map we print is specific to you; some customers want to see the postcode a little to the left, little to the right, landscape, portrait.......  Other customers just want a specific set of postcode districts rather than the entire area (this allows us to zoom into a postcode, right down to street level).... as we say, customised to your taste.  If we can't agree a preview with you then we will not print the map and we will refund you in full for the map part of your data order - that is a no quibble guarantee on our part!

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