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Why Target Mailings?

Why Target MailingsImagine sending information on your fleet car services to Ford or corporate text messaging services to Vodaphone - the chances are you won't get much of a response. Targeting your direct mail is vital to improve the success and profitability of your direct mail campaign.

By targeting your direct mail you will increase your response rates and reduce the mailing costs resulting in increased profitability and the preservation of your companies image by avoiding being associated with 'junk mail'.

Don't waste money

Targeting a mailshot can dramatically improve response rates by helping to ensure that only people more likely to respond actually receive your mailing. In many cases response rates can be increased five-fold simply by careful selection of your target audience.

Who to mail?

The best place to start when thinking about who to mail is by looking at your best customers. Review what they have purchased and how much they have spent with you over their 'life-time'. Which customers are most profitable and most loyal? What characteristics do they have?

If they are business customers, who in the organisation buys from you? How large are the businesses? Where are they located? What type of business are they?

For consumers you may be more interested in where they live, size of the family, type of housing, income and so on.

Once you can define your best customers in these terms you have the basis of a profile with which to select your ideal mailing list.

Purchasing your list

Mailing lists can vary enormously in terms of size, content, accuracy and also how up to date they are. Each will have it's own merits which should be understood - the key is to select a list which matches your customer profile as closely as possible. The more accurate the match, the better the response rate.

List-Logic can help you through this process and offer expert advice on the best list to suit your requirements.