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Postcode Areas and Postcode Districts

If you're looking for every postcode area and postcode district in the UK then this free file should fit the bill.
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County Codes (Chapman and InfoLogic)

An Excel Spreadsheet with 3 digit Chapman County Codes and 2 digit InfoLogic County Codes for England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands.
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Postcode Area Map

We have put together a digital UK map showing the location of every Postcode Area (e.g. B for Birmingham, UB for Uxbridge, CV for Coventry) in the UK. The digital map is in PDF format.
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Business Sectors Lists - 500 SIC Code Classification System

An Excel spreadsheet containing a list of Standard Industrial Codes (SIC) that defines every business entity in the UK as classified by the Government and used by Companies House, Office of National Statistics, HMSO, etc.
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Business Sectors Lists - 2,700 Advanced Classification System

An Excel spreadsheet containing 2,700 business types from A to Z along with the number of business sites in the UK.  This is a list typically associated with Yellow Pages Classifications and as such has a copyright attached to it.
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