The Boutique Data Service

Perhaps our files are not structured the way you need them, perhaps you need a little help or don't have the time.  Maybe you are simply short on manpower right now?

We've been processing data for over 40 years and have built matching routines for some very large companies including the likes of Experian, RAC and Yellow Pages.  In our time we've processed billions of records for our customers, including some of the giant blue chips to their complete satisfaction. 

Now that we run our own company we much prefer to offer a "boutique" set of services, offering a bespoke hands on manual approach to ensure we deliver exactly what our customers are looking for.

One of our Account Managers will walk through and scope out exactly what it is you need from us to ensure we deliver on time and within budget.

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Automated and Manual Processing & Coding
  • Fixed price quotes agreed in advance
  • Cleaning
  • Dedupe
  • Enhancing & Enriching
  • Merge & Purge
  • Address Validation & Correction

What's Next?

Simply drop us a line or two on what you're looking for and we will write back with what's possible, what's available and any other options that we can think of relevant to your enquiry.  If we don't know of a free solution in the market or don't have the product to hand then we will either build one and offer it as a product on our site so that your not having to pay for a custom build.  Otherwise we can create a bespoke solution just for you for a fixed price.  Just follow this link to send us your thoughts, requirements or product suggestions.

We ensure we deliver on time and within the budget

account manager
Dedicated Account Manager
Automated and Manual Processing & Coding
Fixed price quotes agreed in advance
account manager
Enhancing & Enriching
Merge & Purge
Address Validation & Correction
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