Postcode Based Address Files

List-Logic has over forty-five years address list & direct marketing experience, specifically working with UK address lists.  Established in 2006, our stable of address / postcode products are built following customer driven requests to release bespoke builds / outputs.  I.e. we build specific files for a customer and if it works out for them, we introduce the address / postcode product to others through this site.   Our ethos is simple, we are customer driven and offer maintained, instantly downloadable and up to  residential and business based addresses and postcodes.

Accuracy and our Promise

Our downloadable address & postcode based products contain all the information you are going to need, whether used for mailing campaign, cleaning your address records, or adding value to a task that needs accomplishing.   We spend a great deal of time and effort maintaining the address data, and as part of our service, we send our clients regular updates, at no extra cost.  All file updates are issued monthly / quarterly, as part of the initial annual fee you pay.  We believe that all products are fit for purpose, so if for some reason you are not satisfied with the quality, we will either fix the issue or offer a no quibble full refund – and a refund hasn’t been requested yet and we’ve been trading a very long time!


Where possible, we reward loyal repeat customers with a hefty discount ranging from 5% to 35% in some cases.  Charity discounts are also available.  One of the things we note from the postcode & address list industry, is that large address list buyers, such as mobile phone companies, can command large volume discounts, because of the size & frequency of their orders, whilst smaller businesses, pay the full rate card, as they can’t afford or do not need to buy in bulk.  We discount all our postcode and address list downloads, so as to be fair to every customer no matter their size.  So whether you’re a small or large company or an independent, you can rest assured you’re paying the same rate, no matter how large your address list requirement.

Telephone & Mailing List Preference (MPS & TPS)

Unless otherwise informed, we leave the screening of all postcode address lists against the Mailing Preference Service (MPS) to you.  Our lists are non personalised / do not contain personal information, as we concentrate on the address and try to exclude contact names to ensure you can’t get into trouble when you use our lists for mailing.  That said, always remember to screen your contact named lists within 28 days of use.  Our postcode address lists do not carry telephone numbers, but may contain a persons name in a business name field, i.e. “Mr Joe Smith” may be a sole trader working from home who uses his name as his business name and is within his rights to register with MPS.


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