Bespoke & Standard Postcode & Address Lists

Most of our customers use us for our instant address / postcode downloads, but sometimes your needs require a bespoke tweak to fit in with a specific need.  Perhaps our files are not structured the way you need them, or you need additional content on outputs.  Or you may not have the time or expertise to process data.

We’ve been processing data for over 40 years, and individuals within our team have worked for some impressive organisations, including Experian, ACXIOM, BT Connections in Business, and Yellow Pages.   If we add all the years of experience together, between us we must have processed many millions of records for our customers and to their complete satisfaction.

We charge a flat rate for bespoke services, £60 per hour plus VAT.   With most undertakings taking less than an hour.  Ask us via our web form if you need us to customise things for you.

An example of what we can do for you:  Process your in-house records against our postcode universe (current universe of 32 million address records, multiple resident, not yet built and retired postcode files) to validate and correct your address fields, and populate missing address elements.   Perhaps adding Locality or Town Names to your postcode & address records.  Typically we can process and send the file back to you in under an hour, with turnaround of around 24 hours (we just charge for the hour in this case, but return the file within 24 hours, depending on current demand).

What’s next?

Simply drop us a line or two on what you’re looking for and we will write back with what’s possible, what’s available and any other options that we can think of
relevant to your enquiry.

If we don’t know of a free solution in the market or don’t have the product to hand then we will either build one and offer it as a product on our site so that you’re
not having to pay for a custom build.

Otherwise we can create a bespoke solution just for you for a fixed price. Just follow this link to send us your thoughts, requirements or product suggestions.

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