UK Parliamentary Constituencies

UK Parliamentary Constituencies  

The Parliamentary Constituency field holds the Westminster Parliamentary Constituencies and the Alternative Constituency holds the Welsh Assembly name or the Scottish Parliamentary Constituency. In the case of Northern Ireland, Stormont (NI) Constituencies are currently the same as Westminster Constituencies and are therefore named in the Parliamentary Constituency field.

Westminster UK Parliamentary Constituencies are the areas used to elect Members of Parliament (MPs) to the House of Commons, which is the primary legislative chamber of the UK and is located in Westminster, London.

To produce this data list, the UK Parliamentary Constituency code and name are geographically matched to each Postcode in the UK. In addition to the Westminster UK Parliamentary Constituency codes and names, this product also includes the Westminster MP names and Party currently holding the seat and also an additional field to identify the Scottish UK Parliamentary Constituency in Scotland and the Welsh Assembly in Wales.

Westminster UK Parliamentary Constituencies are of course used to elect Members of Parliament to the House of Commons. Currently there are 650 constituencies in England and Wales (2015 General Election).

UK Parliamentary Constituency Applications

UK Parliamentary Constituency data is ideal for relating Postcodes and address information to the respective UK Parliamentary Constituency and determining the resident MP and Political Party. The data is therefore essential for:

  • Government Relations Officers
  • Political Policy Makers
  • Relate Postcodes and addresses to the current UK political geography
  • Determining which constituencies to lobby
  • Employee, supplier and customer sites to constituencies


  • Full Postcode
  • Postcode Sector
  • Postcode District
  • Postcode Area
  • Westminster UK Parliamentary Constituency Code
  • Westminster UK Parliamentary Constituency Name
  • MP Name
  • Political Party
  • Alternative Constituency Name (Scottish Parliamentary Constituency or Welsh Assembly)


UK Parliamentary Constituency data covers the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)

Supply Format

The UK Parliamentary Constituency data is supplied as a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) delimited text file using double quotes by default. This field format will open very easily using almost any software application including but not limited to Excel, Word, Notepad, Access, SQL etc.  Due to the size of the file, older versions of Excel may not be an option as Excel limits any file size to around 65,000 rows / records.


UK Parliamentary Constituency data is by default emailed at the time of order using a secure download link delivery method.  If you require the data supplied in another format then we will be more than happy to accommodate you where reasonable to do so at no extra cost.


The UK Parliamentary Constituency list is licensed annually for each user that has access to it.

Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2012. Contains Royal Mail data © Royal Mail copyright and database right 2012.


The file is updated every three months and free updates will be made available to you so long as your licence remains current.

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