Count of Business and Residential Properties for every UK Postcode

Postcode Address Count  

Postcode, Business Count, Residential Count for every postcode in the UK. Updated quarterly within the 12 month licence fee.

The Royal Mail produce a Postcode Address File (PAF) containing every known deliverable address in the UK. This file consists of both business and residential properties. As licenced product sellers for the Royal Mail, we take a regular feed from them and filter the 28 million addresses on the PAF file. We run statistical counts to determine how many sites fall within a postcode sector and record the results onto our postcode sector to address file.

Search Address by Postcode Applications

Most of our customers use this file to overlay property density onto "heat" maps that show how busy / hot a postcode sector, district or area is. The maps can show residential and business sites separately. Other clients such as door drop agencies will use the file to help prepare their quotes. Quotes to customers become more accurate if they know how many homes they will be delivering to.

  • Improved accuracy of customer and prospect analysis
  • Door Drop Planning
  • Distribution Analysis

Field List

There are three files supplied within this download. Each of the three files shows the number of business properties and the number of residential properties held on the Postcode Address File. File (1) shows these values at Postcode District level, File (2) at Postcode Sector, and File (3) at full postcode.

  • Full Postcode, e.g. "AB10 1EB"
  • Postcode Sector, e.g. "AB10 1"
  • Postcode District e.g. "AB10"
  • Postcode Area e.g. "AB"
  • Count of Residential Addresses by the Postcode Sector, Postcode District and Full Postcode
  • Count of Business Addresses within the Postcode Sector, Postcode District and Full Postcode


The file consists of every UK postcode covering 28 million addresses in the UK. The table that you purchase / that we output is at postcode sector, district and full postcode level and has over 1.9 million full postcodes and 11,000 postcode sectors (varies month by month) but still represents all of the national data at UK level.


The Search Address by Postcode data is licenced by the year. Various options are available including single, corporate, multi user and internet licences.


The Postcode data file is the most up-to-date and complete address database available for UK addresses, containing a mixture of business and residential sites and over 28 million addresses.   For your licence fee you will receive the very latest file which will be valid for 12 months use and this includes quarterly updates to ensure it stays up to date.

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