UK Postcode to NUTS (Nomenclature of Units for Territorial Statistics)

Postcode NUTS  

NUTS is a hierarchical classification of spatial units that provides a breakdown of the European Union’s territory for producing regional statistics that are comparable across the Union.

The NUTS area classification in the UK comprises current national administrative and electoral areas, except in Scotland where some NUTS areas comprise whole and/or part Local Enterprise Regions. NUTS levels 1-3 are frozen for a minimum of three years and NUTS levels 4 and 5 are called local administrative units (LAU) levels 1 and 2 respectively.


  • Full Postcode e.g. UB7 0EB
  • Postcode Sector e.g. UB7 0
  • Postcode District e.g. UB7
  • Postcode Area e.g. UB
  • LAU2 Code
  • LAU2 Name
  • LAU1 Code
  • LAU1 Name
  • NUTS3 Code
  • NUTS3 Name
  • NUTS2 Code
  • NUTS2 Name
  • NUTS1 Code
  • NUTS1 Name


This product consists of 3 comma separated text files with a header record.

Files NUT-FLL-UK-CSV-1.csv, NUT-FLL-UK-CSV-2.csv together represent all current live Postcodes in the UK with their associated NUTS data. Each file contains half of the national file - approximately 870,000 Postcode records – which allows each half to be opened in Excel versions 2007 and later if required.

NUT-FLL-UK-CSV-1.csv contains all records for Postcode Areas AB to LN.

NUT-FLL-UK-CSV-2.csv contains all records for Postcode Areas LS to ZE.

File NUT-FLL-UK-CSV-Retired.csv contains Postcodes which have now been retired from the Postal system and therefore are no longer in circulation. This file is supplied free of charge to provide a comprehensive ‘history’ of Postcodes and the current NUTS structure. It is recommended to use this data file in conjunction with the ‘live’ files above to achieve the maximum match rates for accurate analysis.

For database applications, both files can be loaded into your choice of database (e.g. Microsoft Access) and appended to create a single national data table of Postcodes.



This product contains the LAU2 code (9-character ward code for England and Wales, 'S31' code for Scotland and, currently, the 10-character Eurostat code for Northern Ireland).
The NUTS 1-3 codes are current to 2015 and a summary of the structure, including the numbers of areas for each country at each level, is shown below.





Northern Ireland Total

Regions (9)

Country (1)

Country (1)

Country (1)

NUTS2 Individual Counties or groups of Counties / London/ Boroughs/ Metropolitan Districts/ Unitary Authorities (30) Groups of Unitary Authorities (2) Groups of whole / part Unitary Authorities and or Local Enterprise company areas (4) Country (1) 37
NUTS3 Individual Counties / Unitary Authorities or groups of Counties / London Boroughs / Metropolitan Districts / Unitary Authorities / County districts (99) Groups of Unitary Authorities (12) Groups of whole / part Unitary Authorities and or Local Enterprise company areas (23) Groups of district Unitary Authorities (5) 139

Supply Format

The data is supplied as a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) delimited text file using double quotes by default. This field format will open very easily using almost any software application including but not limited to Excel, Word, Notepad, Access, SQL etc.  Due to the size of the file, older versions of Excel may not be an option as Excel limits any file size to around 65,000 rows / records.


The Postcode NUTS data is by default emailed at the time of order using a secure download link delivery method.  If you require the data supplied in another format then we will be more than happy to accommodate you where reasonable to do so at no extra cost.


The Postcode NUTS list is licensed annually for each user that has access to it.

Contains Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail data © Crown copyright


The file is updated every three months and free updates will be made available to you so long as your licence remains current.

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