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How do I correct the address that's stored on the Postcode Address File? 

My address doesn't appear on the PAF file?

Want to register your address so that it appears in Postcode Finder.....

The Solution

Many companies use the Royal Mail's Postcode Address File to offer quick address solutions to make it easier for consumers and customers to enter their address details.  If you find that the web site or satellite navigation system doesn't have your address or your address is incorrectly stored then the only option is to contact the Royal Mail who are responsible for updating the central PAF file.

The process.....

Royal Mail make daily updates to the Postcode Address File (PAF).  These updates consist of customer requests, new builds, demolished sites, houses that split to create multiple address dwellings etc etc. 

Each month a copy of the file is distributed to the value added resellers of the file (people like us); who in turn send copies out to their customers for use in their web sites, hand held terminals, commercial systems, logistics tracking platforms, transport distribution, emergency services.

It is very important that your address is kept up to date so it is important that you tell us if it is wrong.  Click here to talk to the correct department at Royal Mail - put your request in writing.  If you have any further issues or do not receive a response then please let us know by using the "brief us" button in the menu bar above.

Contact Royal Mail to have your address included / amended.

Contact us if you do not hear back from Royal Mail.